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Nature's Way as Industry Leader

Over the last three and a half decades, Nature's Way has pioneered more than just herbal and nutritional science. The company is a recognized leader among all of the nutritional and dietary supplement companies in America. Our list of "firsts" is extensive, and many of them pioneered the way retailers, consumers, industry, competitors, and even government viewed herbal and nutritional supplements. Here are a few of the things of which we are the most proud:
  • First nutritional products manufacturer with a state-of-the-art, pharmaceutically licensed facility
  • First major certified organic producer
  • First to bring significant European phytomedicines (plant based medicines) to market
  • First to spend more than a million dollars on legislative efforts to protect health freedoms
  • First industry recognized GMP (good manufacturing processes) facility
  • First to fund major third party organizations to responsibly disseminate health information and ensure quality

More than Just a Business

Nature's Way has a rich tradition of giving back. The company's business success has translated to success outside of the day-to-day operation. Over the years, it has been done in various ways and in varying amounts, but the fundamental belief has not changed. The company is fortunate to operate in essentially a "green" industry, and causes from environmental protection to local community programs have been an important part of Nature's Way's mission. The projects over the years have included:
Founding donor of groups to protect the world's rain forests, with most of the successful work in Samoa and Southeast Asia.

  • Vitamins for the poor in developing nations.
  • Donations to fund raisers for breast cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • Support for self reliance programs for the homeless in select western U.S. cities.
  • Sponsorship effort to provide complete holiday support for local Latino children.
  • Support for local youth and adult athletic leagues, including the Nature's Way women's soccer team.

"Trust the Leaf"

The company logo for Nature's Way is a green leaf. It symbolizes health, life, and nature. The accompanying slogan invites the world to "Trust the Leaf." It's more than just words on paper. It's the creed that the company operates by everyday. "Trust the Leaf" is taken seriously by everyone in the Nature's Way organization. The company strives to manufacture the very best possible nutritional products for human consumption. It starts with the initial trust of our retailers and affiliated business partners. This trust has been earned by decades of working hard to responsibly advance the supplement industry. It ends with the trust of satisfied consumers whose expectations have been exceeded. The company knows that millions of people rely on Nature's Way products for the maintenance of good health. It's a legacy and a pledge that is sacred. That's what it means to "Trust the Leaf."

Nature's Way Today

Today Nature's Way is located at the pristine base of the Wasatch Mountains in scenic Springville, Utah. The company is now one of the largest and most technologically advanced of all supplement manufacturers in the United States. This unusual marriage of nature and science lives in harmony within the Nature's Way organization. The company offers over 700 premium nutritional and natural products. The product line includes single herbs, herbal extracts and formulations, full line vitamins and minerals, high potency branded vitamins, homeopathic products, and various specialty products for a wide range of health concerns.

* 45 years
*700 product lines/ over the counter products
*Certified U.S. FDA, HALAL, KOSHER/ Frost & Sullivan Award 2004
*200 Medical Doctors, Herbalists and Scientists
*No. 1 FOOD SUPPLEMENTS/ Herbal Company in the U.S.
*Direct Processing, Plantation, careful harvest method
*High ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity)


Dean Morris, Master Herbalist  
As a fifth-generation herbalist, Dean grew up on herbs and has diverse experience in organic horticulture, the natural foods industry and healthcare. Taught by his father to grow lady slipper orchids and other herbs, Dean went on to farm 165 acres of organic herbs in the 80’s. While attending Brigham Young University in pre-professional nutrition, he worked for a nationally distributed dietary supplement manufacturer. After college, he served as dean of admissions, author, editor and teacher for John R. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing.

In 1997, Dean was invited to help form a multi-disciplinary alternative medicine team and was granted full practicing privileges as an herbalist at the Columbia hospital Miami Heart Institute in Miami Beach, Florida. From there, he was recruited by Nature's Way to be their senior educator, formulator, director of new products, and director of technical services.

In 2009, Dean resumed fulltime directorship of Nebo Health, a consultancy for the dietary supplement industry. As an independent consultant, he enjoys sharing the benefits of the many products he helped launch in the eleven years he worked for Nature's Way. Dean most enjoys the herbwalk presentations he feels fortunate to provide throughout the world.

He and his wife Lorinne are raising a sixth generation of herbalists in the foothills of the Wasatch mountains in Utah.