Hybrid Compensation Plan

(6 Ways to Earn Income)

1.) Retailing. 

It involves direct selling. Being an authorized distributor, you are entitled to 25% discount on all the products. Just an example, a box of the flagship product, C24/7 retails for P1,200.00, with your distributor discount, you can avail of this for only P900.00. You automatically get a P300.00 earning when you sell one.

2.) Direct Referral Bonus. 

For every person who registered under you as sponsor, you are entitled to a referral bonus of P 500.00. This will automatically be credited to your account once the registration process of your recruit is completed.

3.) Sales Pairing or Matching Bonus. 

We employ the binary system of recruitment. You have left and right sales force. Every time there is a pair, you will have a matching bonus of P 1,500. We are allowed only to 16 pairs a day or a minimum income of P 24,000 per day (16 pairs x 1,500). 

The 17th pair for that day is considered a flushed out and it will be an income of the company. This is the company’s safety net; the way to earn income.

4.) Unilevel Sales. 

This means that every sale made by a member directly under you (your downline) entitles you to 5% percent of their total sales value, which is credited to your account; and 5% from everyone below that downline up to the tenth (10th) level.

5.) Stair Step (Overriding Commission)
Aside from the unilevel sales, there is also the overriding commission or the Stair Step. A distributor's rank goes up after he/she reaches the positional points required for the next rank/position. These points are earned through product sales.

     Points Required                 Rank/Position         Overriding Commission

         1000 Pts.                Global Ambassador                              30%
         100 Pts.                  Gold Executive                                      20%
         10 Pts.                    Silver Executive                                     10%
         N/A                          Distributor                                               0%

Based on the data shown above, the Stair Step Plan or Overriding Commission is based on a hierarchical system, from which the top position directly earns a higher percentage of commission based on sales value. If you are a Global Ambassador you are entitled to a 30 percent commissions on all sales done by distributors along your genealogical hierarchy, 20 percent on all Silver Executive and 10 percent on all Gold Executive.

*Note that these statistics are not necessarily individual purchases, but accumulated group purchases.

6.) Royalty Income. 

This applies only to global ambassadors who have also members who become global ambassadors. 

For each of the global ambassadors under him or her, he or she will get a royalty income of 2% for the group sales.

Other Bonuses for Global Ambassadors:

6.1. Global Ambassador 2000 - Part-owner of the Company - 2% profit sharing per year.
6.2. The 16 pairs per day limit is increased to 20 pairs per day.